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Billboard Advertising Information

:  Over 100 locations from Chattsworth to Peterborough Ontario.
:  Locations posted on our website for viewing.
:  Proven to be one of the most effective forms of advertising to date.
:  Joint leases available, share the costs and the advertising space.
:  Strategiacally placed in “prime locations” with “high exposue”.
:  Short term and long term lease packages available. 

“Imagine”… your business on a “Billboard” up there for all potential clients/customers to see. The high cost of Billboard advertising can surely be a deterrent and/or not within most advertising budgets that is.… until now!!! Ad Space 24/7 provides "An Affordable Advertising Alternative”. With that in mind we offer a progressive program that we call a “Joint Lease” which allows not only 1 but 3 separate ads per “Billboard”, full "Billboards" available upon request. “Billboard” signs such as these are found absolutely everywhere. We’ve all seen them, how can you fields on highways on buildings, etc. I think you get the picture. But do they work?  Of course they do, simply by the “power of suggestion”.  If only seeing an ad for a “split second” is enough to leave an imprint for future reference when a service or product is needed. Call for pricing as each location priced separately. Ad Space 24-7's "SYNERGISTIC" advertising and marketing approach combined with great pricing, great exposure and optimum service will leave you with no other logical choice but to let us "grow" your business to the level you deserve.